Backend Dev & Devops Engineer

For more than 3 years I now work at ic! berlin. My work focuses on optimizing and extending digital processes of manufacturing.

Even though not taking the traditional way into IT had it's hardships, it was definetly worth it.
Being completely and successfully self left me with a sense of being able to overcome any obstacle no matter how big, simply by continouing to try.

I spend my free time working in own home lab, writing articles for my blog or helping out with hobby projects.

Last updated: 20 Oct. 2020

Programming languages:

My tech stack


My go to Language, it's massive community made it into the most reliable tool for high level programming obstacles.


Windows version of Java, I mainly use it when I am dependent on .Net exclusive libaries.

SQL (every flavour)

The omega of database query languages.


Swiss army knife, mostly for small scripts and command line utilities.


De facto standard for modern Java desktop applications.

Windows version of JavaFX, I mainly use it when I am dependent on .Net exclusive libaries.

For HTTP APIs, in short as middleware between the end users browser and complex microservices.

For websites with extended functionality.


Container technology gives you all the advantages of virtualisation, and much more direct control, without loosing performance.

Combine multiple servers to a single super computer centered around container technology.

The distributed storage solution of the future.


The best OS on the planet.



Soft Skills:


If you are the only person that understands your code, it is worthless. Others need to be able to build upon your work.

Knowledge can be copied infinetly without any diminishing returns. Being good at transferring knowledge is one of the easiest ways to increase ones value.

Blog entries

Written words

My tech blog.

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Git Commits

Like Github but self-hosted.

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My own little knowledgebase

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