Backend Dev & Devops Engineer

For almost 4 years I have been working in the IT industry, mainly as a backend engineer doing some devops on the side.

Even though getting to where I am at entirely self taught, required countless weeks of doing nothing but working, learning and sleeping, it also has become my biggest asset. I have a deep found confidence in my ability to learn difficult things fully, all by myself if need be.

I am an open minded guy that is no stranger to having a good time. I love connecting with most people through being genuinely interested in them.

Last updated: 20 Oct. 2021

Programming languages:

My tech stack


Projects regarding material requirement planning (MRP=Material Requirements Planning) in conjuncture with SAP.


Businesslogic and utilites for a industrial manufacturing company.


Mainly used for more complex REST services, that also manage lots of traffic.

SQL (every flavour)

Extensive analysis and reporting of raw business data. Did several projects that use complex, multistep SQL queries as their base.


Swiss army knife, mostly for small scripts and command line utilities, to aid my the development process.


Used for internal services that make use of the huge amount of available java libraries. I don't like writing everything in java as there are much more modern language around today.

Used for a complex backend of a fintech App, thats makes use of the AWS Lambda architecture.

Apps for the management of a manufacturing company, that help visualize and control the value creation process.

Like JavaFX just by Windows. This found applicance when there are hard dependencies on windows exclusive libraries.

For lightweight HTTP APIs, in short as middleware between the end users browser and complex microservices.


To automate test, build and deployment processes. Making code environment aware has never been easier.

Only makes sense if we plan to scale almost indefinetly. With this orchestration service we can scale docker based applications to any size.

Soft Skills:


If you are the only person that understands your code, it is worthless. Others need to be able to build upon your work.

Knowledge can be copied infinetly without any diminishing returns. Being good at transferring knowledge is one of the easiest ways to increase ones value.

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